The University of Western Australia

Department of Physics



(A. I. G. O.)

A Southern Hemisphere Gravitational Wave Observatory

Australian Consortium for Interferometric Gravitational Astronomy

   (Australian National University, University of Adelaide, CSIRO (Optical Tech. Prog, NML, West Lindfield, NSW),
The University of Western Australia)



The world is on the threshhold of a new technology - the technology of gravitational waves - and a new form of astronomy - gravitational wave astronomy.

Gravity waves will allow us to peer into the birth of the universe and unravel the mysteries of black holes.

Australian scientists are at the forefront of this technology and the world needs an Australian Observatory.

This Prospectus oulines the concepts of gravitational waves, the technology and the benefits of building the Australian International Gravitational Observatory.



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  1. What are Gravitational Waves?
  2. What will the Universe Sound Like?
  3. The Story So Far
  4. The Need for a Southern Hemisphere Observatory
  5. What is AIGO?
  6. The Observatory Site
  7. How Will AIGO Benefit Western Australia, Australia and the World?
  8. Benefits...Science
  9. Benefits...New Technologies
  10. Benefits...Education
  11. Benefits...Commerce
  12. Benefits...Regional Development
  13. Benefits...Tourism
  14. Benefits...Long Lived Facilities
  15. Planning AIGO

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